• AUD/USD: 0.79944
    • NZD/USD: 0.72798
    • EUR/USD: 1.22209
    • USD/JPY: 110.824
    • GBP/USD: 1.38585
    • EUR/GBP: 0.88206
    • USD/CHF: 0.96393
    • EUR/JPY: 135.434
    • GBP/JPY: 153.576
    • AUD/JPY: 88.591
    • NZD/JPY: 80.670
    • ZAR/JPY: 9.128
    • CAD/JPY: 88.692
    • CHF/JPY: 115.024
    • HKD/JPY: 14.193
    • SGD/JPY: 83.932
    • GBP/CHF: 1.33571
    • EUR/CHF: 1.17789
    • NZD/CHF: 0.70171
    • AUD/NZD: 1.09889
    • NOK/JPY: 14.105
    • TRY/JPY: 29.149
    • CNH/JPY: 17.329

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Rakuten Securities Australia (RSA) is a forex broker backed by the global expertise of Rakuten Securities Inc. With its head office based in Tokyo, Rakuten Securities Inc is one of the major online brokers in Japan and across Asia servicing over 2.2 million clients since 1999.

We aim to focus on the fundamentals of being a good broker – highly competitive spreads, excellent local customer support, and the enduring strong principles of Rakuten Inc to run our business by.

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November 6, 2017
Company News

Our New Market Leading Spreads

At Rakuten Securities Australia, we are always working hard to improve the trading experience for our clients. This is why we are very excited to announce our market leading spreads taking effect at the open of FX markets on Monday 06/11/20 […] Read More
September 14, 2017
Company News

Rakuten and Warriors Form Jersey Partnership

On Sept. 12 at an exclusive media event at the training facility of reigning NBA Champions Golden State Warriors, Rakuten was named the team’s first ever jersey badge sponsor. The multi-year agreement will see the Rakuten logo showcased o […] Read More
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Market Insight
Range Bound Markets Overnight but the Dollar Still Feels Vulnerable
  • January 18, 2018

We saw a bit of consolidation across the currencies in yesterday’s trading, most of the majors came back better bid against the dollar during the course of the day espe… Read More

Market Insight
2018 Outlook: The Dollar
  • January 18, 2018

Coming into 2017, investors had high hopes for the US Dollar. It was up 3.5% in 2016, with all the gains coming from a strong rally that began at the start of November an… Read More

Market Insight
Dovish Hike from the BOC and Dow Through 26,000
  • January 18, 2018

It was a very busy and volatile day for the currencies yesterday as the dollar hit new 3 year lows and a dovish hike from the Bank of Canada saw excessive moves either si… Read More

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