1:06pm July 14, 2017
Market Insight

Greenback Fights Back to Finish a Tough Week

It’s been a pretty tough week for the dollar with first the political fall out from Trump Jnr’s Russian e-mail revelations and then a more dovish Fed Chair adding pressure to the greenback. However, we did see some signs of a bit of fight in the greenback overnight as the dollar index came back better bid to finish the day at 95.80.

The IMF had a crack at the Cad overnight by announcing that they are concerned with the Canadian housing market, and warned there could be trouble if the BoC were to continue too aggressively with rate hikes. This had little effect on the Cad but officially signals a real issue that most OECD countries will have as we enter this part of the interests rate cycle. Canada, like many western nations, has experienced record house price inflation in major centers during this low interest rate environment and central banks will have to tread carefully to avoid bursting any bubbles.

The week is by no means over and we have some good tier 1 data out of the US tonight but traders will want a bit of time to digest all that’s occurred this week and contemplate the longer term affects on the currencies. Especially as we move into the holiday season and liquidity falls off a touch. The key outcome of the week is that the Fed has indicated that rather than looking through weak data their concerns are mounting with low inflation numbers and are fully aware that they are falling short of their 2% target. Futures are now predicting only 2 0.25 bps rate increases in the next 2 years.

This leads on to tonight’s US CPI data which will again add colour to the picture for a Fed rate hike by then end of the year. The market is expecting a 0.1% increase after a disappointment of -0.1% last month. We also have retail figures out at the same time which will keep traders busy trying to digest the information to finish the week.

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