November 24, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar on the Back Foot – Quiet Thanksgiving Holiday Markets Ahead

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We saw a continuation of the move to the downside in the dollar over the course of yesterday’s trading as further pressure on the stock markets hit confidence across the board. The Chinese markets had taken a big hit on the day finishing up between 2-3% down and this has added a nervous aspect to […] Read More
November 22, 2017
Market Insight

Stocks Hit New Highs- Consolidation Across the Currencies

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We saw good moves in the Stock markets yesterday with the US indices all hitting new intra day highs as growth expectations continued to spur the market, however this didn’t transfer across to the FX markets which saw consolidation across most of the currencies at recent levels with the dollar dropping off slightly. With the […] Read More
November 17, 2017
Market Insight

Risk Trades Gain Some Traction As Stocks Rally

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We saw a bit of consolidation across most the majors last night as a bit of risk appetite came back to the market. The stock markets finished their session predominately in the black with the DJI up 0.8% and the Nasdaq up 1.29% at the end of New York trading. Most of the major currencies […] Read More
November 16, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar Comes Fighting Back After Early Losses

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We saw some good volatility in the FX market during yesterdays trading as initially we saw the dollar continue to lose ground against most of the majors before coming back strongly on the back of good US CPI data later in the day. The Euro continued on it’s way north to reach a high of […] Read More
November 15, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar Hit as Euro Surges to the Topside

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We saw some decent moves in the currencies last night as the Euro took off to the topside after stronger data out of Germany, this move drove the Dxy down to fresh lows for the month – around 93.80 as we move into the Asian session. This is not the whole story by any means […] Read More

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