Account Opening Guide

5 steps. That's all it takes for you to open an account with Rakuten Securities Australia, one of the largest forex brokerage houses in the Asia Pacific.

So that you know what opening an account entails, here is the full process laid out. Of note, you'll need to:

  • upload proof of identity and proof of address documents in step 3; and
  • fund your account in step 4 to activate your trading account.

Remember that the Sydney team here at Rakuten Securities Australia is available to help and can be reached through our contact us page.

Ready to open an account? Head on straight through to our client portal's account opening page.

Open Account

Step 2: Open an account in our client portal

This is a four screen sign up process where we collect your details as part of our compliance process.

  1. Your client portal account registration and basic details: your name, contact information, and desired password.
  2. Your personal details: your account information, primary account holder, address, and account security information.
  3. Your trading/financial details: your employment, financial information, and trading information.
  4. The agreement: to our risk disclosure policy, anti-money laundering policy, and your signature.

Our client portal services your trading accounts (you may have multiple trading accounts across currencies) and is where you can manage your funds.

Step 3: Uploading documents in our client portal

As a regulated financial institution, we must collect your proof of identity and proof of address. You will be asked to upload copies of your documentation to our client portal.

  1. Proof of Identity
    • Passport (photo page and signature page); or
    • Driver's License; or
    • Government Issued Photo ID

    Requirements: These must be a current, and valid form of ID that shows your full name and date of birth.

  2. Proof of Address
    • Bank Statement; or
    • Utility Bill (Telephone, Electricity, Gas); or
    • Government Issued Tax Document

    Requirements: These must be issued within the last 6 months, show both your name and full address, and show the provision of a service such as money owed or paid.

For overseas clients: Please provide your passport and one of the proof of address documents.

After you have uploaded your documents, that's it for now!

Our team will work diligently to verify your account and let you know. If your provided documents do not depict the full document, we will ask for you to resubmit them but don't worry, we'll work with you to help and get your account open.

Step 4: Funding your account and trading

Our team will contact you via email letting you know that your account and uploaded documents checks out! You'll receive instructions on how to fund your account and make your first trades.

  1. Wait for and receive your account opening confirmation email with instructions.
  2. Make your first deposit through our client portal to fund and activate your trading account. As soon as you do, you'll receive your trading account's MetaTrader 4 log in details.
  3. Download, install, and log in through MetaTrader 4 so that you can place orders and start trading.

Ready to open an account? Head on straight through to our client portal's account opening page.

Open Account


If you have any queries, would like to know what's commonly asked of us, or would just like an overview of how things work as a client, have a look at our frequently asked questions page.

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It is important to know the terms, limitations and conditions of any service no matter the provider's reputation. Please see below for our list of policies, procedures, and documentation.

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Help and Support

Need some help opening an account? Not much of a fan of forms? Our support team in Sydney are happy to help. Sometimes its easier to just talk it out and deal with a real person.

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