• AUD/USD: 0.79303
    • NZD/USD: 0.73145
    • EUR/USD: 1.17617
    • USD/JPY: 109.206
    • GBP/USD: 1.28765
    • EUR/GBP: 0.91358
    • USD/CHF: 0.96500
    • EUR/JPY: 128.445
    • GBP/JPY: 140.611
    • AUD/JPY: 86.596
    • NZD/JPY: 79.878
    • ZAR/JPY: 8.316
    • CAD/JPY: 86.852
    • CHF/JPY: 113.213
    • HKD/JPY: 13.973
    • SGD/JPY: 80.128
    • GBP/CHF: 1.24247
    • EUR/CHF: 1.13482
    • NZD/CHF: 0.70589
    • AUD/NZD: 1.08497
    • NOK/JPY: 13.830
    • TRY/JPY: 31.045
    • CNH/JPY: 16.353
August 18, 2017
Market Insight

ECB Concern Weighs on Euro

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Forecasters earned their keep overnight, predicting almost every data release, providing no major surprises for traders. Direction was again provided by headlines from central bankers. The ECB meeting minutes came through fairly dovish, as worried officials voiced their concerns over the higher Euro and the lack of inflation. This comes as Dollar traders are struggling to weigh […] Read More
August 17, 2017
Market Insight

Fed Meeting Minutes Stops Dollar Rally in its Tracks

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The Fed’s meeting minutes released last night dominated currency moves in the previous session. All Dollar strength gained from the retail sales beat the day prior was given back, and some, after the minutes painted a picture of confusion, and wide ranging views on the lack on inflation in the US economy. Rate expectations for […] Read More
August 16, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar Continues to Appreciate as Upbeat Data Hits the Market

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The dollar continued on it’s journey north throughout yesterday’s trading as fears over the US/North Korea situation decreased and safe haven trades were reduced. This move was assisted by stronger than expected Retail Sales figures out in the US session and as we enter the Asian session the dollar index is up over 100 points […] Read More
August 15, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar Recovers in Quiet Markets

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We saw the dollar come back better bid over the course of yesterday’s trading as no further escalation of the US RoK situation led to an unwinding of some safe haven trades with Chf, Jpy and Gold all taking a bit of a hit. The Dxy climbed 50 points from 93.00 to 93.50 on the […] Read More
August 14, 2017
Market Insight

Dollar Under Pressure After CPI Data Disappoints

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The dollar finished last week on the back foot after the US CPI data came out slightly lower than expected on Friday night, the m/m Core number came out at 0.1% against an expected 0.2% with the y/y remaining steady at 1.7%. This was enough to keep pressure on the greenback as expectations of another […] Read More

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