International wire transfers may incur fees charged by your financial institution as well as handling fees charged by our financial institution (NAB).

ATFX Australia does not accept third-party payments; all funds must come from an account in the same name as your ATFX Australia account. If you are a joint account holder, any individual named on your joint ATFX Australia trading account can fund the account.

If using a third-party payment gateway (like Neteller or Skrill), your accounts must also have the same email address.

ATFX Australia actively complies with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws and regulations, including reporting and blocking of assets, fully that it can do so under all applicable foreign and domestic laws. On an ongoing basis, ATFX Australia shall review account activity for evidence of suspicious transactions that may be indicative of money laundering activities. This review may include surveillance of money flows into and out of accounts, the origin and destination of wire transfers, and any other activity outside the normal course of business. Contact our customer support team if you have any questions. Please note that all funds are held by AT Global Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd.

ATFX Australia does not accept cash deposits. If you carry cash, please deposit to your bank account and make a transfer to ATFX Australia.

ATFX Australia reserves the right to return funds back to the source of deposit and ATFX Australia cannot guarantee certain types of withdrawal options.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at +61 2 9310 1492 or email us at

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