To help you on your way, we’ve prepared some helpful guides and laced them with as many screenshots and tidbits as we could. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact us directly and we’ll help you out.

Setting up the MetaTrader 4 Desktop App

We have written a guide on how to download, install, set up and then log into MetaTrader 4; all the steps you'll need to start trading.

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Our MetaTrader 4 Manual

We have put together a walk through of MT4's interface and trading functions as well as expert advisors.

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Setting up the MetaTrader 4 iOS App

This guide will walk you through installing, logging on and managing your price quotes with MT4 on your iOS device.

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Setting up the MetaTrader 4 Android App

Got an Android phone? Here's the guide to set up, log on and manage your price quotes with our MT4 Android app.

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