Opening an Account

If you are planning to open a forex trading account, the first step is to register. Opening an account at an online broker is like opening a bank account. As Rakuten Securities Australia we will ask you certain questions that will provide us with the necessary “know your customer” data we need to know to open a new account. We need to secure the correct personal details to ensure the safety of your funds. Once your account is registered, you will have an opportunity to fund your account. Rakuten Securities Australia offers several different types of accounts, including individual accounts, trust/superannuation accounts and corporate accounts. Additionally, the we offer different levels of leverage.

Professional accounts

Professional accounts are for active traders who have experience in the FX market. There are certain criteria you need to meet before you can open a professional account. This can be found on the Professional account page.

Cash Account and Margin Accounts

You can trade the capital markets using a cash account or a margin account. A cash account allows you to take positions based on the cash you have deposited in your account. A margin account allows you to use borrowed money for securities that you are trading. Rakuten Securities Australia currently offers maximum leverage accounts that are up to 30:1, 100:1 and up to 400:1 to new clients. Leverage of 100-1 means that Rakuten Securities Australia is willing to lend you $99 for every dollar you post as collateral.

Account Offerings

Online trading accounts are offered with several different features. Like many of the best trading accounts, there is only a $50 minimum. Rakuten Securities Australia also offers products that has 0.01 lot size, allowing mini accounts to trade actively. Each online account provides access to 40-different currency pairs, gold and silver, as well as indices. To enhance the cost-effective nature of our capital markets offering, we provide no commission trading. We also use a tight institutional bid offer spreads, providing clients with superior liquidity. Online trading at Rakuten Securities Australia are secured to the highest standard. All the funds are segregated. This means that the money that is deposited by each individual investor, corporation, or trust is separate from all other funds and cannot be commingled with other investment capital. We are triple-A banking backed, which means the banks have the top credit rating available. All the funds are fully insured. We are also ASIC regulated.